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Exciting News from Bravo Lima Services LLC! 🛠

We're thrilled to announce that Bravo Lima Services LLC is expanding its offerings to bring you even more valuable services! 

HOA Maintenance Contracts: We understand the importance of keeping your community in pristine condition. That's why we now offer Homeowners Association (HOA) maintenance contracts to ensure your neighborhood looks its best year-round. Let us handle the details while you enjoy a beautiful, well-maintained environment. 

 Construction Site Clean-Up: Building projects are undoubtedly messy, but we've got you covered! Our construction site clean-up services will leave your worksite spotless and ready for the next phase of development. Trust Bravo Lima Services LLC for a clean and organized construction environment. 

 Seamless Transition to Neighborhoods: Developers, we know how crucial it is to present your projects to potential buyers flawlessly. Our expert team will assist you in smoothly transitioning from construction environments to welcoming neighborhoods ready to impress and attract potential buyers during the home builder stage. 

At Bravo Lima Services LLC, we're committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our skilled professionals bring years of experience to ensure the success of every project we undertake. 

Get in touch today to explore how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations! Contact us at 409-392-3981. Let's build better together!  

Ask us about our industry partners for Material Deliveries, Mulching, Dozer and Excavation Work, Dock and Bulkhead Builds / Restorations, Utility's, Duct Banks, Directional Drilling, Sawmill Services, Water Testing, And Off Road Transportation services.  

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About US 

Mowing lots of one acre or more is our specialty.

Large residential lots, pasture grass, farms, and ranches, that’s where you’ll find us.

Rough mowing and fine mowing, we thrive on it all.

One-time jobs or yearly contracts, we’ll work with you.

A commercial tractor mowing company is only as good as its equipment. We use Kubota equipment known for tackling the big jobs.


A tractor mowing company is only as good as its personnel and ownership, and with fifteen years of business ownership in Galveston County, Bravo Lima Services is Texas through and through. Bravo Lima is locally owned, and family operated.


What should you expect from a tractor mowing company if you have acreage to mow?

You should expect punctuality, be there on time, no delays, no excuses. You should expect the job to be done in a reasonable amount of time, industry standards, in and out with expediency. You should expect competitive pricing, not necessarily the cheapest, but competitive and fair.

What else should you expect? You should expect integrity and honesty, the backbone of American labor since the beginning of this country, a willingness to get in there and tackle a tough job, and a commitment to do the job agreed upon to the best of your abilities. You should expect friendly service, a smile, a handshake, a gratefulness for the business exchanged, and you should expect a company which will go the extra mile and leave no stone unturned in delivering on a business transaction.

And that is what you get with Bravo Lima Services . . .the extra mile!

Good Tractor Mowing Services don’t just cut grass. They don’t just move a brush hog or brush mower around a piece of property, put in a few hours, and call it a day. Good tractor mowing companies treat a piece of acreage as if it was their own, and that makes all the difference between a good one and the mediocre.

Give us a call. Ask us for a quote on your acreage. We’ll come out, take a look, and give you a fair, competitive quote and a realistic time frame . . . and we’ll give you one other thing . . . a promise to do the absolutely best tractor mowing job possible!

We simply don’t know how to do it differently!

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